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Turn your smartphone into your business phone with the CloudConnect app.

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Access and manage CloudConnect's cloud based phone system from your computer.

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CloudConnect was created by phone equipment experts. We started in 1985 and have made the transition to each new technology seamlessly because we understand how phones are used. Now that the Cloud is the future of Phone System we have created the best features and functioning IP Phone System that will work with your Cell Phones and Desk Phones and even your PC. It's called Unified Communications. Try us out Risk Free!

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CloudConnect offers the best virtual phone for your everyday business communications.

Traditional PBX and Key systems were at one time considered the only option for a professional office phone system. The cost for that system was a onetime capital expense (CAPX) or a lease payment (OPX). There were additional costs over the life of a Traditional PBX like maintenance, software upgrades and adds, moves and changes. The Phone Equipment Vendor or VAR had to come out for any changes even just moving a phone from one office to another. With the growth of the Internet and technology advancements over the last 10 years those maintenance costs have gone away. The Hosted PBX by CloudConnect is the answer.

Today the Hosted Phone or Cloud Phone has become the most popular option. Hosted IP gives you the benefits of a fixed monthly cost for the Business VoIP phone system. An Operational Expense or (OPX) gives you advantages since you write off the cost as a monthly business expense and there are some tax benefits similar to leasing a vehicle for your business. All the features are included like software upgrades for the life of the system and it includes voice mail for each user, unlimited long distance calls, a Direct Dial Phone Number for each user (DID Number).

CloudConnect Hosted Phones are the best telephone system for small to mid-sized business customers. Otherwise known as the Virtual Phone System it gives your business additional efficiency features like find me follow me, mobile integration (Cell phone is part of the phone system) and voice mail to email. We also offer efax and conferencing features. Best of all you can save money over your current PBX costs because no extra phone lines, no PRI Trunks or phone lines of any kind are required. The phones use the Internet to receive or transmit calls for free.

CloudConnect – Providing high tech cloud business phone systems for your communication needs!