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The following represents the most frequently asked questions regarding the CloudConnect service. Read below for specific information on the CloudConnect Business plans.

Business Plan FAQs

What business service plans are available from CloudConnect?

CloudConnect offers a business plan called "Total Office." Total Office is customized to each specific application and organization's needs. We offer two varieties: one includes a monthly fee for your desktop equipment; the other allows you to purchase your desktop equipment.

What is the cost for the CloudConnect "Total Office" service plan?

Total costs for business customers will vary per customer, depending on the size of the operation and number of extensions ordered. CloudConnect can order your Internet service for you as a Broker with over 30 carriers we will shop the best rates and manage the entire project at no additional cost. Internet services are charged to you by the provider.

Does the cost of CloudConnect's business plan include calls?

The monthly cost of the CloudConnect Total Office plan includes unlimited calling within the United States. International calls will be billed at CloudConnect's low rates.

What do I get after I sign up for CloudConnect Total Office?

You will receive unlimited U.S. calling for one low monthly fee. You'll also receive an IP Phone and additional equipment as needed. CloudConnect will transfer your existing number or give you a new telephone number from the area code of your choice.

What do I need to provide on my own to use the CloudConnect business service?

You won't need to provide anything except the answers to some basic programming questions. A professional Project Manager will be assigned to your order to manage all aspects of the installation process..

Is technical support included in my CloudConnect service plan, or do I have to pay for support separately?

All CloudConnect network and product support is included in your agreement.

If I purchase the equipment, will CloudConnect still provide support?

Yes. We will manage the CloudConnect Cloud System and provide technical support on all CloudConnect provided equipment and services.

What is the required term for the CloudConnect service plans?

A typical plan period is 24 months. However, contract terms will be negotiated directly with each customer.

How am I billed for my CloudConnect service?

You will be invoiced on a credit card on a monthly basis, with the current month's payment being applied to the following month's service. You will have access to all billing information on our CloudConnect Web Portal.

Is a deposit required?

Specific terms will be negotiated when we finalize your contract.

How much bandwidth do I need?

If your CloudConnect service package includes Internet service, you don't have to worry about your bandwidth. You will already be supplied with a high-speed connection suitable to conduct your Internet and telephone processing. If you are using an existing Internet Service then we will do an assessment of the bandwidth and make recommendations before you sign up for services.

What happens if one of my desktop devices is not working properly?

You can place a call to CloudConnect technical support at 858-646-4605 to begin the problem solving process. We will try to correct the situation over the phone. If we cannot solve the problem on the initial call, we will deliver and configure a new device to your location. You can also go to our support page.

Do I pay for product upgrades?

Network, product and software upgrades are all included in your CloudConnect business package. You would only pay for additional products and/or services to your existing agreement. In addition, new features and functionality will be included as they become available.

What is the cost for adds, moves and changes?

The fees for adds, moves and changes are included in your CloudConnect agreement. You pay only for additional extensions, products and/or services to your existing agreement.

What's the difference between Broadband telephony and Voice over IP?

Both concepts refer to the same type of technology. Broadband telephony uses your broadband (or high-speed) Internet connection to route phone calls. Voice over IP means phone calls are routed over an IP network. In both cases, the network that calls are routed over can be the public Internet or a private IP network.

Can we use our existing phone handsets on your network?

To access our network and services, you will need a SIP-based IP phone. A traditional handset will not work on the CloudConnect network. We have tested numerous IP phones and have selected the ones with the best functionality and reliability. So, to ensure the best quality service, we offer all Polycom model choices to business customers. Check out our Phone Equipment page.

Is the voice quality the same as what we're used to getting from the traditional phone network?

Yes. Because CloudConnect calls are transmitted over a private network and not the public Internet, you can be assured of the best voice quality available.

Do you provide any Web support?

CloudConnect provides each customer with Web interface tools. You can access your account via the Web and perform a variety of administrative and technical functions.

What networking equipment do the CloudConnect service plans require?

You will need an IP Phone, Ethernet switch and router. CloudConnect provides all necessary equipment for either a monthly fee or purchase price basis.

Can I transfer my current business number(s) to my CloudConnect service plan? Toll Free Numbers too?

Yes. Customers can transfer their existing numbers, along with any toll free numbers, over to their CloudConnect service plan.

Can the music-on-hold for Total Office be customized?

Yes, as long as we can make a .au or .wav audio file. Please note it is the customer's responsibility to provide sufficient documentation supporting the acquisition of the rights to use a piece of music as it applies to copyrights and other legal media rights.

How do I sign up for CloudConnect's Total Office?

It's fast and easy to initial the CloudConnect service. You can begin service in a matter of hours. Give us a call at 1-619-453-0772 to get started today, or visit our contact page.

How do I sign up for CloudConnect?

Fill out the form below and a professional consultant will contact you and create a customized plan for your business or
call 858-646-4605.

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