Cloud Phone Features

With CloudConnect's IP telephony solutions, you can get the best business phone service for your enterprise!

As a small business phone service provider, we understand the importance of maximizing your investment and this is why the features of our business phone solutions include:

Get the latest features for your office phones with CloudConnect's business VoIP phone services!

Features of Our Cloud Based Business Phone Systems

Today's IP Telephony Solutions are feature rich business communications solutions that incorporate out of area phone numbers as well as voice mail with features like voice mail to email, voice mail notification and call recording. You have the ability to integrate your Outlook Address Book with some Click to Dial features and the ability to add Mobility Features like iPhone and Android apps and soft phones makes utilization of a remote office as easy as downloading an app from the iPhone App Store. You are no longer tied to the Phone Companies and land lines. You can do business from anywhere and at any time. Long Distance Calls are no longer an expense and local phone numbers can be anywhere you want to be.

As a small business phone service provider, we understand the importance of maximizing your investment and this is why the features of our CloudConnect Hosted Phone System include:

Simultaneous Ring

Ring all your phones at once or in sequence. You choose how and when you want to be reached.

Visual Voicemail

Keep all your messages in one place. Get notified when you have a voicemail or get them attached to an email.

CloudConnect Toolbar

Integrate the toolbar with Outlook to turn on and off calling features or download the application for pop up toolbar.


This is the Intercom that will facilitate quick communications between phones.

Call Control

You control where inbound callers go when they call you or your extension. Send callers to Voicemail or they can reach you on your mobile device.

Fax to Email

Send free outbound faxes from your CloudConnect web portal or desktop application.

Disaster Recovery

You will never lose a call. All calls are routed by the CloudConnect Intelligent Network to the destination you have chosen even if your desk phone is not in service calls can go to a mobile device or voicemail.

Receptionist Console

The Attendant Console is simple to use for Receptionists or anyone with a phone. You decide who to grant access to the portal and you can see the status of any phone on the system.

Call Swap

Change phones in the middle of a call. Go from Mobile device to desk phone to any other phone.

Remote Office

Work from anywhere on any device. Cell Phone, Home Phone or even Hotel room. Looks to anyone you call like you are sitting at your desk. Callers will call one number to reach you anywhere.

Call Recording

Use Call recording for training or protect your business with a recording of every call. Recordings are kept in our CloudConnect portal for easy access. You can sort by phone number, date, extension and more.

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